Volunteer work in ashram India, West Bengal

We invite you to be part of our volunteer project in India. Become a volunteer at the bank of holy Ganges in West Bengal! Volunteer work in ashram: India, spirituality, adventure and more.

Jahnavi Kunja Eco Ashram is a peaceful and natural YOGA ECO VILLAGE in one of the most special spots in North-East India, West Bengal, Mayapur. As a part of 62 Eco Villages around the world, founded by Swami Paramadwaiti, our vision is to protect Mother Earth by following a spiritual path, called Bhakti Yoga.

volunteer work in ashram india Mayapur


Jahnavi Kunja Eco Village in India, West Bengal, Mayapur

Our tranquil ashram lays on 2 hectares of land potted with coconut trees. Jahnavi Kunja Eco Ashram consist of mostly bamboo cottages. Volunteers can stay in these cottages. Be part of  volunteer work in ashram: India is waiting for you.

volunteer work in ashram india Mayapur cottage

We have an organic vegetable garden. A spacious yoga and meditation hall with a small temple is just right next to holy Ganges.

Jahnavi Kunja Eco Ashram is surrounded by breath-taking nature. It features diverse wild-life and mystical spirituality.

This eco ashram is definitely a perfect place to learn more about India`s complexity. Meanwhile one may take action and to relax as well.


Volunteer work in ashram: India is waiting for you


  1. Cleaning Mayapur and surroundings: we are taking action by collecting trash from the rivers around, cleaning the sacred sites and the streets of Mayapur. Raising awareness about environment protection through art and theatre is one of our tools too.
  2. Organic Garden: looking for volunteers with experience in gardening, composting, organic cultivation
  3. Eco-building and decoration: we are in need of people who have experience in bamboo building and maintenance, and also artistic souls for wall-painting, creating mosaics, etc. New ideas and creativity are always welcomed with an open-heart.
  4. Photography/Video and Website development: our vision is to reach self-sustainability by transforming the space to a retreat and learning centre for Philosophy/Bhakti Yoga, Mantra/Vegetarian Cooking and Ayurveda/Inbound Yoga Certification Program. We are also planning to organize cultural tours around this special area, helping the local communities. As the beginning of the process, we would be happy to host volunteers to help us creating materials for marketing.

Lodge for eco ashram volunteers

In exchange of 4 HOURS OF WORK/6 days a week (mostly mornings, but can be discussed individually) we are offering: accommodation in one of our beautiful bamboo houses, the best hot shower in India, 24 hours excellent Wi-Fi service,  3 delicious vegetarian meals a day.

volunteer work in India

As we are in the 1st phase of the project (no income yet), we ask volunteers to contribute US$6 (approx.400INR) per person&per day to help us cover hosting costs and to push the project further as well.

Thank you in advance for helping us!

Volunteer work activities

As for activities here, you will be able to try traditional Yoga (and/or use the shala for your own practice), Indian instruments, learn about vegetarian cooking.

volunteer work in India

Every volunteer is warmly welcomed to join our daily spiritual program (optional) by learning about Bhakti Yoga, Mantra and Vedic Philosophy. We are also happy to assist you to discover the birthplace of Bhakti Yoga and the world kirtan capital in authentic ways.

You will have the chance to visit some of the most sacred temples of Hinduism, factories of traditional clothing (Kadi) and Mistidahi, what is a great sweet of this region. Sunset boating on the river Ganga is definitely a very special experience as well.

Do’s and don’ts: Life of the volunteers in sacred India

Since you will stay in Eco Yoga ashram we ask you to follow basic yoga ashram principles which are the followings:

Please note that for external and internal purification we avoid intoxicants!

  • No smoking
  • No ganja or marihuana
  • No alcohol
  • Dress code: Guests behaviour and dress code should be respectful of Indian culture. Our behavious and way of dressing should enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the ashram.
  • Observance of the ashram dress code should be maintained at all times including during volunteer work or swimming in the river. Nudity is forbidden.
  • Men and women should cover the shoulders and legs. Tight fitting, transparent and revealing clothing is not reccomended neither in the ashram nor in streets .


We are looking forward to greet all the great people in this beautiful pilgrimage! We would prefer volunteers, who can stay at least for a week. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding Volunteer work in ashram, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail or Indian cellphone +917797916785 !