Ecotourism in West Bengal


Ecotourism in West Bengal

The importance of supporting the ecotourism in West Bengal further can be a vital income for the local population. West Bengal has many beautiful areas to offer to lovers of ecotourism.

There are areas of untouched nature so you better be prepared for miracles on your West Bengal tour. We will give you some ideas.


Ecotourism in West Bengal: Visit mayapur treehouse in India ashram for westerners



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What do we mean by ecotourism?

Before we venture into the topic of Ecotourism in West Bengal let us clarify the meaning of term. Ecotourism means enjoying and preserving the beauty of nature: the scenic views, the mountains and the rivers. It means that we leave the places that we visit clean, the rivers uncontaminated and are careful not to cause any forest fires.

Ecotourism is a lifestyle which begins at your home. Environmentally conscious tourists experience much higher spiritual uplift and happiness when they are surrounded by the nature. They consider nature a living entity.

Ecotourism in West Bengal: Himalaya region

The Himalaya region of West Bengal has the world’s third highest mountain peak called Kangchenjunga which can be seen from Darjeeling. Darjeeling is the starting point for tourists and Maintain climbers. Eco tourists will not go just to climb the mountain but also to be spiritually uplifted b the majesty of the Himalayas.
While you ar in Darjeeling don’t miss Kalimpong a mere two hour drive on scenic roud along the Teesta river. There are Buddhist sites called gompas in the area which you can visit. And see so beautiful mandalas, sculptures and tangkas made by the monks.
Kalimpong is famous because the Swiss order of monks established a cheese factory. Although the monks have left the tradition of making excellent Swiss cheese continued. Beside that there is a nine point tour which is worth of visit.

Ecotourism in West Bengal: The Ganges basin

Ecotourism in West Bengal: Visit mayapur ashram in IndiaMany people think that the Ganges River is very polluted and unsafe to bath in. This is not through of the smaller rivers which feed the main Ganges River. In reality the locals consider the majority of these rivers also as Ganges. If you try bath is those rivers you will be surprised how clean they are.

One of the most spectacular places to visit is in Mayapur on the banks of the Bhagirati and Jalangi rivers which are also considered Ganges. There is a beautiful Ashram situated here.

Vrinda’s Ashrams in Mayapur has treehouses, lots of palm trees and 14  different varieties of fruittrees. It is worth to stay in Mayapur



Just imagine yourself in Tree house in India! You can have a room either in our Riverside Guest House Jalangi Kunja Ashram on the bank of Jalangi River or Jahnavi Kunja next to Bhagirati. If you are considering to stay in ashram you might like to read our article about living in ashram.

They serve extremely delicious vegetarian food. Bad and Breakfast facility and rooms for longer visit available. Volunteers from India and other countries are most welcoem as well. Come and enjoy ecotourism in West Bengal!


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