I Want To Live In An Ashram

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I Want To Live In An Ashram

If you have the idea of I want to live in an ashram, you should first of all get some informations about what is an ashram and what you can expect there. What are the requirements to live in an ahram? What is important to know in the apron before visiting an ashram? Here are some informations that should make the decision easier.

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I want to live in an Ashram

Do you want to live in an Ashram? Who wouldn’t want! Sweet and happy life.

I want to live in an Ashram – But what is an ashram at all?

An ashram is a monastery-like meditation center, a spiritual hermitage. It is a place where people live together to share a contemplative life of meditation and dedication to a higher, spiritual aim. An ashram is under the guidance of a spiritual master or teacher of a certain spiriual direction.

Meaning of ashram in English

The meaning of ashram is originated from Sanskrit. The word ashram comes from the Sanskrit root srama and means „to toil“. Asram in English means „not to toil“. Thus in an ashram no one has to slave away or struggle hard like in the material world for earning money.
Yet there is work to do and the daily life is structured and requires a certain discipline. The work in an ashram can be helping in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, organizing meetings and festivals, garden work and so on.

Basic conditions for staying at an ashram

There are rules and regulations that everybody, who wants to live in an ashram, has to respect. The basic condition for staying at an ashram ist o be ready for it. Ashram life style means participating in the life of the ashram.
Very important condition for staying in ashram is that no any kind of intoxication is allowed in an ashram. This means any visitor must stay away from drugs of any kind, like ganja, alcohol or cigarets. This helps to keep a clear mind for meditation and prayer.

Also cleanliness is important, visitors should take a daily shower or wash themselves daily and wear clean clothes.

Furtermore it is necessary to be eager to participate in the daily programs of the ashram called Sadhana. Sadhana describes a spiritual discipline that one undergoes to attain a spiritous goal like meditation, Mantra singing or prayer.

Are you sure you want to live in an ashram ?

If you say I want to live in an ashram, make sure that is really what you want! Get all information about the ashram you are going to visit, about the rules there, the expectations towards visitors, the cost and so on.

You should know about the contents of the ashram. For exemple, what kind of meditation or yoga form is practised there, or who is leading the ashram. If you feel an inner coherence, something that calls you, then you should not hesitate to visit the ashram.

Unless you try it, you will never know if you like it or not. Personal experiences about the life in an ashram is much more worth than thousand descriptions.

I want to live in an Ashram – Life in an ashram

As mentioned above the daily life in an ashram is structured and regulated. Caracteristic for ashrams is the waking up early. In some ashrams the temple program starts at 5 a.m. or even 4.30 a.m.

Sweet Life in an Ashram

Life in an Ashram means loving service.

Of course nobody is going to punish anyone if one time you have to sleep longer, but generally especially the morning programs and the evening programs are giving the structure for the start and the end of a day in the ashram comunity.

It is important to know that ashrams serve strictly vegetarian food and non vegetarian food is not allowed to bring with you.

Some ashrams are gender mixed. Some are only for ladies, some are only for males. The sleeping rooms however are always strictly separated. The residents of an ashram live abstemious and keep the atmosphere of a monastery.

Living in an ashram in India

Living in an ashram in India is a big dream of many people. As mentioned above, every ashram, especially in India, demands a vegetarian diet. In the Bhakti tradition the food is cooked with love and devotion and than offered to the residing Deity, the Godhead of the specific ashram. It is then served as prasad, which means mercy of God. So even eating becomes a meditation, that one does with care and attention.

Living in an ashram in India

Living in an ashram in India

In most ashrams it should be possible to get a vegan diet, but the ashrams in India serve milk as well. Due to the Indian tradition of considering the cow holy, there are a lot of cow goshalas, protective shelters, where cows are treaten well and will not be slaughtered.

Important to mention, if you want to live in an ashram in India, is that the comfort is different than at home. For exemple the toilets and showers can be outside the room and shared with other inhabitants. Some showers may have no warm water. Some days the electricity doesn’t work. This requires patience and can be a real renunciation.

Conclusion on joining an ashram

If after considering seriously about all the above informations you still think you want to live in an ashram, then do not hesitate to choose the right ashram for you. To visit an ashram and to live there for some time can be a very valuable and enriching experience for your whole life. Good luck and lots of inspiration!

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dillip pandaPosted on5:33 am - Jun 2, 2017

I want stay in ashram in whole life and ashram work

Kashish SharmaPosted on11:29 am - Jun 11, 2017

I want to live in aashram i dn’t have money to give but whatever work given by aasram i will do i want spiritual knowledge please help me as fast as. I did my graduation but i don’t want to live materialistic life

Tripura RaniPosted on3:20 am - Jun 27, 2017

If I want live whole life in that ashrams how can I contact please give the information to my mail id tripurarani12@gmail.com

SunitaPosted on4:51 am - Jul 28, 2017

I want to live in ashram but i dont have money but i will do the works given please help me

PreetiPosted on4:18 pm - Jul 29, 2017

I want to live an ashram buy I don’t have money but I will do the work given by ashram, please help me

Manidipa debPosted on4:52 am - Aug 3, 2017

I’m 37yers old unmarried lady I want to stay in asharam my last hole life but my problem is l can not​ no money my father is live he is so much depressed is my marriage my hole family is born me so I decided to stay inasharam please my mail is except as soon as I staying there l m graduate no job please help me

Manidipa debPosted on4:55 am - Aug 3, 2017

I m waiting is your message s please any mistake forgive me

Manidipa debPosted on4:59 am - Aug 3, 2017

I want to live in asharm but I have no money l will work given me please help me .

Manidipa debPosted on5:11 am - Aug 3, 2017

Can I join asharm and staying there .

MonikaPosted on5:06 pm - Aug 5, 2017

I want to live in ashram but i dont have money

SandhyaPosted on5:40 am - Aug 16, 2017

Hello….Good morning, actually there is nothing good in this morning…..I Am a b.com graduate from Mumbai…. I was working in a placement consultancy………because of stress at work place i quitted my job. Now my family is not supporting me……i don’t understand what to do……I need peace in my life……I want to live in ashram….I want to work there and live a peaceful life…. please help me as soon as possible….I Am so depressed….

    manish shindePosted on2:35 am - Sep 2, 2017

    hy same wid me. i m mansih. mba ..
    living in same co dition. i m frm gwlior mp

    i m also serching for same. but i hav some idea. by which. we can find sone good for us. 09691711302

HARSHA H GPosted on7:59 am - Aug 19, 2017

I want to join ashrama in India please refer me contact number 7829512047

bossPosted on6:32 am - Aug 30, 2017

i also want to live in ashram

VeenaPosted on2:46 pm - Aug 30, 2017

I want to live in ashram. I don’t have money. Please help me in regarding this. I can do day today work.

VeenaPosted on2:51 pm - Aug 30, 2017

I want to live in ashram. There is plenty of stress at my home with my daughter.

LokeshPosted on2:07 pm - Aug 31, 2017

I am also want to join ashram i accept all conditions plese tell me what i have to do

RajiPosted on8:27 am - Sep 1, 2017

I’m 36 yr old married woman. I hv 2 sons of age 15 & 14 .Now i think my role in family life is finished.So I want to live rest of my life in an ashram of India, especially in KERALA.But I don’t have money .But i can do work in ashram.Im eagerly waiting for a reply.Pls help….

    B.V. Bon Swami

    B.V. Bon SwamiPosted on4:54 am - Sep 7, 2017

    hello, Raji thanks for your message.
    unfortunately, we don’t have contact with any Ashram in Kerala but, for sure there are a lot of places to find.

    PD: I don’t think that being 36 you are old, on the contrary, you now have more experience to share and teach others.
    All the Best.

Amrendra Kumar SinhaPosted on4:01 pm - Sep 3, 2017

I have money and working as an officer in government sector and want to contribute my time and money.

Abhishek SinghPosted on7:10 am - Sep 9, 2017

I want to live in ashram. I don’t have money. Please help me in regarding this. I will do the work given by ashram.

My email id= abhi95hardy@gmail.com
cnt nmbr= 9919487770.

NatarajPosted on8:01 am - Sep 12, 2017

I want to live in ashram.. I don’t have money.. I am a BCA graduate .. Had worked for 4 years.. Now i left the job due to depression.. My family is also not supporting me.. Please tell me a way..

NatarajPosted on8:02 am - Sep 12, 2017

I want to join ashram and serve for the ashram..

MEDHA DEYPosted on9:40 am - Sep 13, 2017

even i am eager to stay in ashram n serve KRISHNA!!! m ready to follow all the rules n regulations.

GobindPosted on11:22 am - Sep 14, 2017

I want to live in an ashram for life. I am very certain about it. But i don’t know how to contact and whats the process. If you think you can help me please mail me. Thanks

Mona agarwalPosted on2:50 pm - Sep 15, 2017

I too want to spend d rest of my life in a good ashram..i have d liability of my son ..i will send him in a good hostel n will be meeting him tym to tym..but m tired of my life n stay away frm all

    B.V. Bon Swami

    B.V. Bon SwamiPosted on6:34 am - Sep 16, 2017

    Dear Mona, thanks for your message
    I think that before to retire in an ashram is better to finish the duties in society and family, so be patient and try to accomplish your religious or spiritual needs from your house till the proper time will manifest itself.
    for the spiritual advice, you are always welcome.

GaganPosted on4:45 pm - Sep 18, 2017

I want to live ashram for whole life. Please can you send me ur details. My email.. s gagandeepkaur55@gmail.com

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