Holistic Lifestyle

The holistic lifestyle began to take shape in Northern California when a number of young Americans decided to move to the countryside, buy land and began to farm it. They put the emphasis on eating organic food which was available.

Holistic lifestyle goes with spiritual awareness

Short History of Holistic Lifestyle

The holistic lifestyle began to take shape in Northern California when a number of young Americans decided to move to the countryside, buy land and began to farm it. They put the emphasis on eating organic food which was available.

They studied nutrition and used vitamins and minerals to supplement their usually vegetarian food and refused to take pharmaceutical. Several nutritionists and chefs wrote books on clean lifestyle.
The Himalayan Institute started by Swami Rama an Indian sannyasi from the Himalayas. Mitshio Kushi the founder of Macrobiotic cooking and a number of chefs published excellent cooking books for vegetarians.

What Is Holistic Lifestyle

The holistic lifestyle emphasizes vegetarianism, environmental awareness and the importance of physical exercises. They realised the importance on physical exercises, yoga, tai chi and others. At Berkely University an Ayurveda faculty was established where ayurvedic physicians like David Frawley spread the message of the wisdom of ancient India.

Ayurveda is primarily a preventive science which combines a healthy physique and spiritual consciousness.
In holistic lifestyle people understand that we only remain healthy in our bodies if we lead a spiritual lifestyle as well.

Holistic lifestyle in India
Around this time an Indian saint Swami Prabhupada arrived in the US and communities started to spring up using his teachings and his wisdom.
People began to journey to India to find a way out the chaos that Western society created.

Amongst these places was Mayapur where our Ashram is located on the banks of the Ganges River. We follow the principles of holistic living in our Ashram.

Enjoy The Beauty of Holistic Lifestyle In India

There are bamboo cottages and treehouses, good clean food, yoga and a very good and helpful staff . In the articles published under the headlines of holistic lifestyle we would like to draw attentions of people that such a beautiful place is there to visit.

Mayapur is a perfect eco touristic destination for deepening your knowledge of holistic lifestyle which you can take home with you and share with others.

Radha Govinda dd ByRadha Govinda dd

I Want To Live In An Ashram

If you have the idea of I want to live in an ashram, you should first of all get some informations about what is an ashram and what you can expect there. What are the requirements to live in an ahram? What is important to know in the apron before visiting an ashram? Here are some informations that should make the decision easier.

Important notice: Kindly acknowledge that our jahnavi Kunja Ashram in Mayapur is not able to receive any guest for free of cost. We are hard working people and we are not running any business. We maintain our ashram from generous contributions of our visitors. 

If you are considering to live in our ashram in West Bengal, you might like our article on Mayapur: Stay in Mayapur


I want to live in an Ashram

Do you want to live in an Ashram? Who wouldn’t want! Sweet and happy life.


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I want to live in an Ashram – But what is an ashram at all?

An ashram is a monastery-like meditation center, a spiritual hermitage. It is a place where people live together to share a contemplative life of meditation and dedication to a higher, spiritual aim. An ashram is under the guidance of a spiritual master or teacher of a certain spiriual direction.

Meaning of ashram in English

The meaning of ashram is originated from Sanskrit. The word ashram comes from the Sanskrit root srama and means „to toil“. Asram in English means „not to toil“. Thus in an ashram no one has to slave away or struggle hard like in the material world for earning money.
Yet there is work to do and the daily life is structured and requires a certain discipline. The work in an ashram can be helping in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, organizing meetings and festivals, garden work and so on.

Basic conditions for staying at an ashram

There are rules and regulations that everybody, who wants to live in an ashram, has to respect. The basic condition for staying at an ashram ist o be ready for it. Ashram life style means participating in the life of the ashram.
Very important condition for staying in ashram is that no any kind of intoxication is allowed in an ashram. This means any visitor must stay away from drugs of any kind, like ganja, alcohol or cigarets. This helps to keep a clear mind for meditation and prayer.

Also cleanliness is important, visitors should take a daily shower or wash themselves daily and wear clean clothes.

Furtermore it is necessary to be eager to participate in the daily programs of the ashram called Sadhana. Sadhana describes a spiritual discipline that one undergoes to attain a spiritous goal like meditation, Mantra singing or prayer.

Are you sure you want to live in an ashram ?

If you say I want to live in an ashram, make sure that is really what you want! Get all information about the ashram you are going to visit, about the rules there, the expectations towards visitors, the cost and so on.

You should know about the contents of the ashram. For exemple, what kind of meditation or yoga form is practised there, or who is leading the ashram. If you feel an inner coherence, something that calls you, then you should not hesitate to visit the ashram.

Unless you try it, you will never know if you like it or not. Personal experiences about the life in an ashram is much more worth than thousand descriptions.

I want to live in an Ashram – Life in an ashram

As mentioned above the daily life in an ashram is structured and regulated. Caracteristic for ashrams is the waking up early. In some ashrams the temple program starts at 5 a.m. or even 4.30 a.m.

Sweet Life in an Ashram

Life in an Ashram means loving service.

Of course nobody is going to punish anyone if one time you have to sleep longer, but generally especially the morning programs and the evening programs are giving the structure for the start and the end of a day in the ashram comunity.

It is important to know that ashrams serve strictly vegetarian food and non vegetarian food is not allowed to bring with you.

Some ashrams are gender mixed. Some are only for ladies, some are only for males. The sleeping rooms however are always strictly separated. The residents of an ashram live abstemious and keep the atmosphere of a monastery.

Living in an ashram in India

Living in an ashram in India is a big dream of many people. As mentioned above, every ashram, especially in India, demands a vegetarian diet. In the Bhakti tradition the food is cooked with love and devotion and than offered to the residing Deity, the Godhead of the specific ashram. It is then served as prasad, which means mercy of God. So even eating becomes a meditation, that one does with care and attention.

Living in an ashram in India

Living in an ashram in India

In most ashrams it should be possible to get a vegan diet, but the ashrams in India serve milk as well. Due to the Indian tradition of considering the cow holy, there are a lot of cow goshalas, protective shelters, where cows are treaten well and will not be slaughtered.

Important to mention, if you want to live in an ashram in India, is that the comfort is different than at home. For exemple the toilets and showers can be outside the room and shared with other inhabitants. Some showers may have no warm water. Some days the electricity doesn’t work. This requires patience and can be a real renunciation.

Conclusion on joining an ashram

If after considering seriously about all the above informations you still think you want to live in an ashram, then do not hesitate to choose the right ashram for you. To visit an ashram and to live there for some time can be a very valuable and enriching experience for your whole life. Good luck and lots of inspiration!